True Hamiltonian was created for a city. A city that is rising. Hamilton, Ontario is located across the Lake from Toronto. With the CN tower visible on a clear day Hamilton has become the home to Entrepreneurs, Change-makers, Creators and Visionaries creating a better tomorrow.

That’s how it all started, a visionary with an idea.

An idea of a t-shirt.

A t-shirt to empower, inspire and strengthen a community.

Today that community is accelerating and Hamiltonians are thriving, our t-shirts have quickly become a brand that is immersed in the city networks.

Our t-shirts have gone across the world and back.

Seeing our brand be worn around the world has made us really think,

“What does it mean to be true hamiltonian”

“Why are people not from here repping our gear?”

As a company we started small and remain true to our roots today, supporting our local community as our name grows beyond it. Our founder Max Francis has worked hard, creating an environment of inclusion in this initiative and beyond, leading a set of values our team lives by.

we value individuality.

we seek challenges.

we are not afraid to get loud.

we are ambitious and unstoppable.

we are encouraging and compassionate.

we practice kindness and love.

because whether you’re from Hamilton or not,

our clothes are made True.

Hand Printed

In hamilton

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